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How to tell fake iPhone 7 screen Quality
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How to tell fake iPhone 7 screen Quality

This article is to recognize original and China made iPhone 7 LCD screen.

1. Flex Cable

China made sample comes with an extra IC on flex to improve display function, while original OEM no need it.

2. Display flex pattern 

Pattern on display flex varies on OEM and China made, different position obviously recognized.

3. Apple logo on glass panel

Original OEM with Apple logo on backside of glass panel, while China made without logo to avoid copyright issue.

As China made technology is improving rather quickly, now aftermarket screen with very stable quality and near original:

  • Perfect installation and workable on phone;
  • Perfect size and appearance;
  • Waterproof glass panel. 

We can easily figure out different quality with above tactics currently, while with continuous China technology improving, these difference will be revised soon, ALLWIN will keep follow on this issue.